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The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

July 15, 2016

Gutter Cleaning

Ah, the pesky old gutter. All you want to do is throw your ball and hit as many pins as you can, but – like a moth to a flame – it is so often drawn towards the gutter, leaving you with nil points. Yes the gutter needs to be there, but, let’s be honest, you’d prefer it remained clear.

Of course we’re talking about bowling, but the analogy could not be truer for your actual gutters, too. After all, even though they’re ‘out of sight out of mind’ most of the time, they actually play a huge role in the structural integrity of your building – despite only having one job to do: guiding rainwater off the roof and down the drain.

It’s because of this seemingly innocuous task that gutters are so easily forgotten about – a bit of a catch 22, you might say. Because it’s only once they get clogged or broken that you start to pay attention to them, and by then it’s too late. Take a walk outside – is there water running down the side of your building? If so, it’s likely you have blocked gutters.

Possible consequences of blocked gutters include:
Sagging gutters. When gutters are weighed down by debris or water, or held up by rust screws or loose brackets, they can sag. Frequent cleaning will highlight any potential issues and fix them before it becomes a bigger problem.

Damp – causing potential health issues, such as respiratory or allergic conditions. This is caused by a leakage – likely to occur as a result of debris getting caught in the joints, or simple wear and tear.

Ouch. Yes, that is the sound of a loose or damaged fixture falling on your head (or worse, a potential client’s). Either that, or getting soaked by dirty water on entering the building. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Structural damage. Healthy gutters protect your roof, walls and entire foundation. You can imagine, therefore, what an unhealthy gutter would do. Bricks and paintwork will be eroded by the running water whilst internal leakages can cause swollen ceilings. Insulation, electrical wiring and light fittings will also be affected.

Unwanted visitors. Such as rodents, insects and mould – all drawn to the rotting wood.
As a business, it’s not just maintenance issues you should be concerned about, either. After all, all of the above can damage your customer service and question your professionalism – not something you should just sweep under the carpet.

Bottom line: clean gutters are far less susceptible to damage than those blocked with fallen leaves, sticks, debris and – in some unfortunate cases – dead animals. So go on, make like your bowling bowl and spare a thought for the gutter – keep it clear and you’ll hit all your potential targets along the way.

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