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Craziest things found while cleaning

February 9, 2017

A fun story caught our eye the other week, with news of a man from Oregon – Joemel Panisa – finding an unclaimed lottery ticket worth $1m whilst cleaning his office. He’d bought the ticket back in January 2016 and had until January 17th 2017 before it expired. With just eight days to go, he claimed the Mega Millions prize on January 9th. Not a bad start to the new year, eh?

With that in mind, we thought we’d take to the internet to ask you the weirdest/most wonderful things you’ve found while cleaning your office!

Twitter trends

@tom_bourlet: “8 wedding dresses! I should mention, I work for HenHeavn, but we used them on a charity walk a while back”

@weare42group: “An uncashed cheque for over £200 from @HMRCgovuk – Oh how we laughed! (We got the money in the end, so no harm done!).

@Jane_L_Thomas: “fifty pairs of luminous leg warmers”

@Coverage_Queen: “At my old office found a mouse nest in a cereal box in my colleague’s desk drawer. Also found a Miss England sash and trophy …”

@Jane_L_Thomas: “a golf glove signed by Ian Woosnam…”

Whilst over on Facebook …

Marcelle Palmer: “A copy of men’s health magazine from 1986”

Natalie Anne Winkle: “When clearing out my new classroom, I found some old teeth – obviously milk teeth that children had forgotten to take home. Lovely!”


So whether you don the rubber gloves yourself or get a company (like us!) to clean the office for you – don’t delay any further! At best you may find yourself a millionaire; at worst – you’ll have a fun anecdote to share!


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