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Cleanliness: It needn’t be a pest

September 5, 2016

A popular pound shop was recently fined £32,000 after inspectors found a dead mouse, droppings and urine-soaked food containers at one of its branches. Proving that thrift, in this case, should only be intended for the consumer, it should serve as a weighty reminder that keeping your business clean – particularly from pests – should always be of the upmost importance.

Rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and birds the most common culprits, pests carry disease, damage property and – quite justifiably – will always be met with fear, disgust and a vow to never return to affected premises again. Of course, there are things you can – and should – endeavour to do to ensure your business is not affected by this:

• Ensure good external waste solutions. Representing the single biggest attraction for pests, outdoor bins must be kept in an orderly fashion. Regular cleaning, ensuring lids are closed and frequent emptying are just a few of the simple but effective things you can do to keep pests at bay.

• Regular cleaning. As well as keeping your outdoor areas clean, it is, of course, also vital that your internal premises are also kept spick and span. Encourage your employees to practice tidying up after themselves (this includes cleaning up any crumbs or spills from food, wiping down kitchen surfaces after use and keeping on top of washing up) and invest in a professional company (like yours truly!) to give your office a thorough once over – preferably daily.

• De-clutter. As well as maintaining general cleanliness, get used to keeping clutter to the absolute minimum because this is also a haven for pests. Keeping ‘stuff’ to a minimum will also enable more effective overall cleaning and enhance the efficiency of inspections.

• Store food properly. Every good working environment needs a good selection of food – obviously – but make sure all products are kept in sealed containers and at proper temperatures.

• Get rid of damp. A frequent player in attracting insects, damp areas should really be avoided at all costs. This means ensuring thorough and frequent cleaning of things like gutters and cladding, because if left untreated pests will flock!

It might seem overwhelming but the sooner you get into good cleaning habits, the easier it will be to maintain. Not to mention the fact that there are experts out there who can take care of this for you (did we mention we can do this?). Remember: A clean a day will keep the pests away.

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